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My name is Nicholas de Castella.

If you are a heart centered healer, coach or practitioner, your service is important to the world.
I know how hard it can be to get the business side of a personal growth business going.
My name is Nicholas de Castella. For the last 25 years I have built a thriving transformational practice in Melbourne, Australia where we generate a multi 6 figure turnover.
I’d like to assist you to generate a great living whilst giving your gifts to help create a more peaceful, happy, loving and healthy world.


Avoid the 5 most common business pitfalls:

  1. Wasting your precious time and money on things that just don’t work…
    …and worst still your heart’s enthusiasm!
  2. Trying and do it alone – I can short cut your progress to success.
  3. Trying to become an expert on marketing and website development
  4. Getting overwhelmed, stuck and bogged down
  5. Leaving your dream on the shelf… and rip the world off!

My team and I provide both innovative coaching and leading edge technical implementation services including Graphic Design, Website Creation and Social Media Marketing – at highly affordable rates.

I can help you achieve success!

  • To Get Stuff Done
  • Get crystal clear about what and who your gift is for
  • Sound, practical guidance from someone who’s been there
  • Receive inspired ideas from a group of like minded souls
  • Clear blockages so you can keep moving forward
  • Heart Centred Accountability
  • Give you a cost effective mentoring opportunity
  • Give you a cost effective technical implementation opportunity

Topics Covered

  • Identify Your Niche: Ideal Client, Your Offer, Your Unique Process
  • Brand Your Business: Name, Logo, Business card, Brochure…
  • Your Message to the world: Elevator Speech, Introductory Sessions, Signature Talk, E-Book, Making Audios and Videos…
  • Your Platforms: Website, Autoresponder, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…
  • Integrated Product Suite: Leveraging your time…
  • Creating Webinar series
  • Success Principles: Time management and productivity systems
  • Management: Basic understanding of digital world
  • Effective Outsourcing Techniques
  • Enjoy the ride: Fun, Clearing Blocks, staying motivated and balanced

2018 Thrive Business Building Group

To Apply for a complimentary Next Best Move Strategy Session:
Just click on this link now.

  1. Click on the application link above
  2. A confirmation email with a link will be sent to you shortly.
  3. Please fill in and email the application to Nicholas

The Program Format

This as a group program so you get to access me and can creative ideas and wisdom from the group, build team support, and it makes it a cost effective and fun way of growing your business!

  • Retreats: We meet in person for 2 days – 4 times a year
  • Online Training and Q&A coaching session 6 x year (on months not in person)
  • Personal email Q&A
  • You get to bounce ideas and get feedback in private online group
  • Access to the Thrive Resource Website with templates
  • Paired Buddy accountability and support

Optional Additional Support

  • Email me for questions and feedback
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with me

2017 fees

2018 Program Dates

Thrive Business Building

We meet in person for 2 days – 4 times a year (Thursday & Friday)

March 15&16, May 17&18, August 9&10, October 25&26,


Group online business coaching session 4 x year (Thursday Afternoons)

June 14, July 25, September 13, November 29, December 6


Plus you get access to my Technical Implementation Team!
My implementation team of graphic designers and web developers to assist you to get set up and running for $20 to $25 per hour!

Create Your Very Own Thriving Business Today!

At THRIVE Business Building we specialize in helping heart centered agents of change to make the world a more open hearted place. You can choose to utilize personalised business coaching from our coaches to:

  • Discover your deepest hearts desire and the gift you have to give
  • Become a Leader in your field by improving your
    1. Branding (image in the marketplace)
    2. Positioning (who you are and what you do)
    3. Point of difference to stand out as an expert in your field.
  • Guidance on your best next step in your business growth
  • Clarity and structure to ensure you are attending to what is most important
  • Breakthrough feeling stuck, blocked or overwhelmed
  • Accountability to keep you on track and moving forward

You don’t have to battle away on your own!
Just click on this link to apply for a No obligation complimentary Strategy session now.

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