The THRIVE Business Building Program

The THRIVE Business Building Program

A Blend of Expert Coaching and ‘Done for You’ Technical Implementation Services.

Thriving Business Building is an industry leading coaching and implementation agency that can support you to take your business to the next level so you can increase your profits and make a bigger difference in the world.

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Nicholas and Susan have conducting a multi six-figure personal development company for over 20 years. In a field, which can be challenging to get established, they have demonstrated stability and growth and have built a wonderful lifestyle business in the service of others.

Positioning Determines Prosperity’ Nicholas de Castella

Like it or not your customers will judge the quality of your service by the image you project to the world. If your website, logo and other media are second rate, your clients will assume that your service is also.

If you want to charge excellent fees and maintain a thriving business where you can offer premium level services to your clients then you need to be represented by industry leading technology and design.

Nobody achieves success on their own!

If you want to establish a thriving business then you need to enrol the services of a team that is composed of people that are trained and skilled in areas where you are not. Your best use of your time is in doing what your expertise is. We offer you comprehensive services of a support team that will free you up to make your highest contribution.

One of the saddest things we see in the personal growth industry is people who come out of their training inspired and ready to change the world, but who go about setting up their business in all the wrong ways: spending money on the wrong things, putting together brochures that don’t inspire and websites that don’t convert prospects and getting lost in technology instead of spending their time and energy giving their gifts to the world.

Too often we watch these people lose heart and go back to: ‘getting a job’. The real tragedy here is that their unique gifts and talents that they have to make an impact on the world go unutilised.

With over 25 years experience we are able to guide you on putting your effort into the areas that are going to get the biggest results.

A Team on your side, built to help you succeed!

We offer you a personalised business coaching and technical implementation service specialising in start up businesses, in the health consulting industry for healers, Life-coaches, counsellors and other personal empowerment practitioners.

By providing a co-ordinated “one-stop shop” of highly skilled business growth coaches, marketing consultants, project managers, and implementation specialists, we help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and service professionals be more productive, make more money, and enjoy more free time.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

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Next Best Move Business Strategy Session.

We can help you to develop a powerful business strategy for your business.

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